Mission statement / Objectives / Values



“To take a lead in promoting valued experiences and opportunities for African and African Caribbean people in mental distress so that they can participate in and contribute to community life”.

facebook staff training session


ACMHS is a community-based organisation providing free and confidential culturally appropriate services predominantly to African and African Caribbean communities as well as other minority groups including White Europeans with mental health needs aged 18 and over living in Manchester and surrounding areas.  Workers offer interventions for severe and enduring, mild to moderate mental illness and assist individuals to develop techniques to manage their problems better.

The primary objectives of ACMHS are to promote the preservation of mental health and to assist in rehabilitating members living in Manchester and surrounding areas, who are experiencing some form of mental disorder or conditions of emotional or mental distress requiring advice or treatment.

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People with mental ill health:
  • Should be treated as having equal value as human beings.
  • Should be respected and valued for their differences as well as for their personal qualities and characteristics they share with other citizens.
  • Should be encouraged to develop as individuals within their cultural and racial identity.
  • Should be enabled and supported not just as patients within institutions or in communities – but to participate as citizens within the wider UK communities.

Community Presence

  • Everyone should be supported to live in their communities and have equal access to facilities in their locality.


  • Everyone should be encouraged to participate in activities to or improve relationships with families and friends.


  • Everyone should be given the opportunity to all relevant support as required to increase their knowledge and skills.


  • Everyone should be offered choices, supported and informed in making both major life and day-to-day decisions.

Image and Status

  • Individuals should be encouraged to present themselves in such a way that they promote their own racial, culturally identity and self-esteem.